Halo Askew Entertainment is a record label dedicated to eccentric electronic music curation, development, publication, and live production.  We are home to Haunted Echo, Resident51, Mind Static, Aversion Theory, The Beat Circles, Crew Called Self, and solo projects from Kris “Halo” Pierce (aka DJ Halo).

If you’re the kind of person that likes getting your music straight from the artist, and in anticipation of the upcoming album, Hypothetical Lifeforms, we’ve (finally) made a Bandcamp page for Kris. Check it out at: https://krishalopierce.bandcamp.com/

New album from Crew Called Self! Check it out Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1yBABMvu6iBwXulrFErXFt?si=gRdnqjcuQBeN858h93RRLw


RELEASE DATE 2018-12-24
Wrapping up another busy year of collaborations, this third installment of Halo Askew’s ‘Eine Kleine Nachtmusik’ series showcases unreleased, upcoming, and standout tracks from Aversion Theory, Ten Cent Toys, Kim Cameron, Resident51, and our own Kris ‘Halo’ Pierce. A little Industrial, some House, a couple deep Ambient dives, and a live collaboration with kids from Guitars Over Guns in Miami, this sampler is a bit more diverse than previous installments.

RELEASE DATE 2018-10-18
Kris ‘Halo’ Pierce skillfully blurs reality with this Coldwave-meets-Ambient Breaks track, blending his signature melancholic vocals with haunting, ever-evolving melodies. Drive With Me (To The Edge of Space) is an escapist anthem. Twenty-one years after two high school friends set up a studio in the garage, the symbiotic, outside-the-box, song-crafting between Kris Pierce and Wendi Hughes, remains strong. The etherial, stream-of-consciousness vocalizations by Elaine Benavides twist expertly around the cut time beats and frantic breaks, taking on a life of their own as a living, breathing lullaby.  The supporting remixes, produced by Halo as well, are deep dives into House and Drum n Bass territory and are wildly diverse. Whereas the original mix is more living room electronica, Halo’s Insomnia House and Everything Breakz remixes are DJ set friendly.

RELEASE DATE 2017-12-18
The new Aversion Theory album is a generous mix of alternative and electronic music, and has a Thrill Kill Kult vibe to it. Dealing with a multitude of subject matter, Welcome To Your Life ebbs and flows from the first song to the last.

RELEASE DATE 2018-05-20
LABEL Side FX Partners
Share My Pillow was an inspiration that DJ Halo and Kim Cameron had one day while talking about how a new relationships felt. Both equated that first fall like a dramatic flight into the skies blanketed with those beautiful white pillows. Immediately, they began writing a song that was inspired by Ibiza dance listeners. This super house dance record that pulls you deep to the dance floor.


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Kris “Halo” Pierce (aka DJ Halo/Haunted Echo) is a multi-award winning, genre-crossing producer who has performed on America’s Got Talent (8 million viewers) with placements at DJ Times, EDM Nations, MTV, TopSpin Media, Interscope, Viacom Media Networks, Sony Creative, and VH1.

IMG_5944In 2015 he joined ranks with two-time Billboard Top 20 artist, Kim Cameron, releasing a dozen chart topping originals and remixes.  Sassy, classy, and forward-thinking (with just a dash of Kylie Minogue), they’ve been taking their show on the road, hitting hot locales like NYC, Miami, DC, Croatia, Amsterdam, Prague, and Ibiza.

He owns and operates Halo Askew Entertainment, a record label dedicated to eccentric electronic music curation, development, publication, and live production.

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Based in NYC, he doubles as a sound engineer and audio technician for hundreds of large format shows, including theatrical production audio mixing (Julie Taymor’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”), radio (Whoopi Goldberg’s “Wake Up With Whoopi”), live bands (Cyndi Lauper, James Blunt, Tori Amos), keyboard support (NBC/Universal’s Grammy and Emmy award winning “Jesus Christ Superstar Live” starring John Legend), and Broadway (Gettin The Band Back Together).

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We are home to Haunted Echo, Resident51, Aversion Theory, Mind Static, The Beat Circles, Crew Called Self, and Kris “Halo” Pierce.


Kris “Halo” Pierce

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